Sidhartha Houdini OA AXJ NAP NJP "Sid"

(the beginning... at the bridge)


“Sid” will always watch over us as our angel. We lost him in September of 2005 to complications with pneumonia. He will forever be with us as our best friend.

Sid's Bio:

  • Our first golden, the absolute best friend anyone would wish for

  • 6 for 7 to earn his NAJ and NJP titles.  All with placements and 4 clean runs.

  • Multiple Placements in the Excellent agility class!

  • Completed NAJ title with 3 back to back Clean Runs!

  • Polished off his OAJ & OA titles in 2 weekends with multiple CLEAN RUNS & SEVERAL 1ST PLACE RIBBONS!





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